ITA New Listing Service

Do NOT wait until there is an executed contract. Let the professionals at Insured Title Agency GO TO WORK for you and your seller on Day 1. Listing Agents are in a great position to truly help their Sellers and themselves by being much more proactive with the ITA New Listing Service!

There is no up-front cost for any component of the ITA New Listing Service, and all fees will be waived in the event of cancelation of listing or contract.

How does it work?

Simply send each listing agreement to Our team of title experts will immediately perform:

Full title search and preparation of a preliminary title commitment:

  1. Identifies any and all issues affecting the marketability/insurability of the property.
  2. Any title defects will be immediately addressed, and in nearly every case will be cured.
  3. The elimination of many title defects takes time. Even weeks. The listing period is the right time to get the work done, making your listing safer for the buyer to buy.
  4. In the event of a ‘Fatal Defect’, you can make the decision to NOT list the property. Save yourself from wasting time, energy and money…and move on to the next property.

lien search:

  1. As with the title search, conducting the municipal lien search early will bring to light any issues with taxes, utility bills, assessments, code problems and open/expired permits. All of these items are ‘red flags’ to the buyer, so we cure them and update the information prior to contract. The buyer will be given a pristine report, adding comfort and security to their purchase.
  2. Insider Tip: nearly all title companies exclude the permit and code portions of the municipal lien search, as they are NOT statutorily required. This practice puts the buyer in a position to have a post-closing financial loss, while creating legal liability for both the seller and the listing agent.


  1. For any seller of a Homestead property who is buying another Homestead property in Florida, an analysis will be made to determine the tax saving potential of this incredible program.
  2. Without this crucial step, the seller may be paying up to $10,000 in additional annual real estate taxes for their new property.

Listing Agents: If your goal is to truly set yourself apart from the thousands of agents who will not utilize this tool, while being very proactive, saving yourself time/money/headaches, helping your seller’s property attract more buyers, and making more buyers’ agents notice the quality of your listed properties…. the ITA New Listing Service is right for you. 

Title is Clear, Municipal Lien Search is Clear, No delays here” are sure to stand out!